Natacha Petit


Owner/Master Stylist

Natacha Petit, a veteran with over 20 years of experience comes from Queens, NY, born in Montreal, Canada, she has garnered a reputable name within the hair world with over 7 awards under her belt. Her profession has come into fruition with features in top Black Hair magazines as a notable household name. She opened the doors of Petit-Petion in 2006 and has pampered many with her talents and expertise making all her clients feel beautiful inside and out. She takes her career very seriously and calls herself “The Hair Doctor” analyzing hair and providing a professional evaluation along with her #1 Rule:

Healthy Hair care comes first before anything; with healthy hair you can acheive any style.

Natacha welcomes all, so don’t hesitate to stop by to meet this talented young woman. You can see her custom creations in the pages of Mazza, Black Passion, Style Q, Black Hair Sophisticates and many others.

There’s nothing like receiving a compliment when you’re going through your ups and downs in life; it makes you feel like you can overcome any obstacle.” – Natacha Petit